Fate and Fables is a Fantasy Roleplaying Podcast set in the lands of Drake and Hellion. The podcast is made up of a series of short campaigns starring daring heroes played by professional actors, improvisors, and comedians!


The podcast leans heavy on the side of roleplaying rather than very efficient optimum strategy. Fewer grinding dungeon crawls and more high stakes political intrigue at a Hobgoblin/Elf peace treaty. 

Listen as skilled performers navigate the perils of smuggling dwarvern refugees out from their dystopian mountainhome, or a young wizard returning to his oppressive academy to face his ruthless father. The players are encouraged to min max their characters for narrative payoffs.

Chapter's of each Fable are released twice a week for several months of the year. Chapter go live at around 2:00am GMT Saturday. 

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Matthew Jackson

Matthew plays the roles of the Dungeon Master and Producer on Fate & Fables. He has been running games in various editions regularly for the last six years. 

With a passion for narrative, Matthew completed his Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2015 at Falmouth University. During his time at university he produced, wrote, and hosted for a weekly radio show, Crumpled Paper on community station Source FM. Coming from a sweaty background in stand-up comedy, he studied various styles of improv and sketch in London, with The Spontaneity Shop, Hoopla Impro, and Second City.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2016, Matthew enrolled at Swinburne University of Technology to study Games & Interactivity. You can catch Matthew most Thursday nights at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre with his Harold Team Peter Helliar.


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