Every Fate and Fables player has acting, comedy or improv experience.
Here you can read their bios, and find out where to catch them next!

Pedro Coorey as Namfoodle Sheppen Stampstumbler

Pedro is an improviser who regularly performs at The Improv Conspiracy theatre, as well as with Completely Improvised Potter. After having played and written about role-playing video games for many years, Pedro quickly came to realise that they are all desperate imitations of Dungeons & Dragons. Now that he has this information, he can never look back, but still continues to edit the Final Fantasy fan wiki under a pseudonym in his spare time.


Jack Fisher as Perserverance

Jack is an improviser obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, always ready to talk about it, and often ‘treating himself’ to more dice, books and spell cards than he can probably afford. Jack finds great solace in being characters as far from normalcy as possible and tries to challenge as many fantasy tropes as he can. Jack performs live comedy at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre with his team Sinkhole.


James Ward as Thunk!

James Ward began training at The Improv Conspiracy in mid-2015 after four years of producing cult web content for niche video game communities. His work includes a backlog of live sketch, surrealist narrative animation, and his first novel 'Gullevir and the Magic of Friendship' which is due to be published as a free e-book in early 2017. You can see James every Thursday at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre with his team Fuggtown or keep up to date with his youtube channel Super Do The Games.

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Hill Kuttner as Scrad!

Hill (yes, like a small mountain) is an improvisor at the improv conspiracy theatre, has a passion for role playing games and loves every and all bird that has ever existed. He currently produces and performs in a monthly show "HillnDale" at the improv conspiracy theatre. Scrad is the real Hill. Hill is the character.


Jessica Greenall as Persephone Fletchley

Jessica Greenall is a graduate of Howard Fine Acting Studio. Since graduating in 2015 she has delved into a myriad of performing opportunities. Jessica has acted with Hartwell Players in ‘While You were Sleeping’, ‘He Said She Said’, both of which toured festivals around Victoria, and in ‘The Masque of Beauty’ at La Mama Theatre. Jessica's most recent credits are from performances at The Butterfly Club's Handcrafted Thursdays with Completely Improvised Potter and Stiff Company

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Owen Vanderberg as Thistledown

Owen is an improviser who performs regularly with Soothplayers and Improvised Potter, and also co-hosts Tights Camera Action, a podcast about comic book movies. He has played D&D enough times to have knitted his own dice bag. 



Jeremy Gavin as Tarquin Fletchley

Jeremy is an improvisor who studied and and performs at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre in Melbourne. He recently appeared on, and won, ITV's The Chase Australia! 


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Millie Holten as D. Rackowsky  &  Apollo

Millie began her improv education with Hoopla Impro (London) in 2014 and has since been training with The Improv Conspiracy. Now a company teacher and ensemble member, she performs weekly with her beloved Harold team ‘Fuggtown' and various other shows. Outside of TIC, Millie also performs at The Butterfly Club's Handcrafted Thursdays with Completely Improvised Potter and Stiff Company.


Louise Cocks as Kithri & Nix Nackle Liveletter

Originally from Perth, Louise graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and majored in theatre. She studied overseas at the Stella Adler Institute of Acting in New York before moving to Melbourne in 2013. She has appeared in plays, TVCs and has just wrapped filming season two of the web series ‘i can’t even’.


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Elyce Phillips as Gwinberyl Grumblebraid

Elyce Phillips is a writer, illustrator and general nonsense-maker. She’s got a very silly weekly-ish newsletter called Nice Times Club, and a webcomic called Spirits of Suburbia that updates every Monday. You can catch her performing sketch comedy and improv at The Improv Conspiracy, and she’s always up for chats on Twitter at @ElycePhillips.



Luke Mason as Jarryn Geebs Brambledank Ignatius Konstantin

Luke Mason is a 2014 Acting graduate of the Ballarat Arts Academy and has been involved in a short course with the New York Film Academy in 2015. Luke has worked recently with the independent theatre company, Theatre 451 in several productions. Luke's passion for theatre has this year, led him to co-found an exploratory ensemble that incorporates multiple performative mediums to uncover and recount the stories that have importance to Australia. 



Raymond Martini as Edvard Pipedwell Glint

Raymond Martini graduated from the Ballarat Arts Academy in 2014 with a B.A. in Acting. Since Raymond has been involved in various independent theatre companies throughout Melbourne, namely Theatre 451, acting in various moved readings within Elevate project. He has worked with Bakers Dozen, being involved with a regional tour of new Australian work, The Whistleblower by Andrew Kelly. He is looking forward to growth within his own practice, having recently founded, with his colleagues from Ballarat, a collective for artists to explore the Australian story.